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Review of Spyrix Personal Monitor PRO

#2 in rating


Available in 9 languages, friendly and clear interface. Unlike other reviewed keyloggers can be used to monitor your computer from mobile with special app for Android or iOS


Unable to record mouse clicks.


A professional but easy-to-use keylogger that is worth the price. With the wide range of settings this multifunctional product is a perfect tool for both employees monitoring and parental control. It allows to track in a remote and absolutely secured manner any activity of the PC user, fill and send the logs via a number of ways (or monitor in online mode!) as well as block the unwanted web pages. The friendly clear interface together with availability in 9 languages make this software popular among beginners along with experts in many countries.

Installation & Interface

The following chain of windows is to be passed through for the installation of Spyrix Personal Monitor PRO on the PC. Select Setup Language (to chose one from nine languages: Arabic, English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Chinese) -> Welcome -> License Agreement -> Ready to Install -> Installing.

When the Completing window appears we mark “Launch” option and click on “Finish”. Before the first session starts we see Welcome to Settings Wizard inviting us to make settings in six steps. In the first one you have to chose options for hiding the presence of the program on your PC. Here you select users to be monitored (administrator, guest, etc) and startup options (usually, to run at Windows start up, to hide everywhere). In the next step you adjust the settings of activating the program from the invisible mode (create a password and a run command/or chose a letter for the hot keys combination). The third step offers settings regarding screenshots - when and of what quality they should be taken. Then (step 4), you can specify inappropriate websites or pages you want to prevent access to. You even can write the Black List od Words, and the access to webpages containing any of them will be blocked. If you wish you can insert a message to be shown on blocking. In case you need to monitor anyone's activity in Social Networks or IM Messengers you can chose from the lists offered in step 5. At last, you make a choice of one or several ways of log delivery (e-mail, FTP, local network, Google Drive, Dropbox or online monitoring via any web-browser). After all the configurations are set, the program automatically launches (according to the setting) and shows its main window.

The interface of Spyrix Personal Monitor PRO is just perfect. On the left side there's a list of main functions and in the centre - a table with the results of monitoring. If you need to alter any configuration of the program (for example, screenshots making or logs delivery) you can easily find it, enter and make changes - simply a few clicks. The resulting data is grouped into tables according to the determined parameters. Some individual settings of interface are also possible.

Interface Settings of Language and Skin plus Invisibility Settings including Hide and Unhide Options
Interface & Invisibility Settings

Now it's time to describe the results of testing Spyrix Personal Monitor according to our categories.

OS Support

As specified on the product developer's site Spyrix Personal Monitor supports all the operation systems listed in our comparison table, including Windows 10. During our tests on different versions of Windows it worked perfectly. So, in the first section we could give it maximum 102 points out of 102 possible. Excellent!


The security features of the product are implemented greatly notwithstanding two zero results in our table. With the invisible program folder and startup entries the product works in the absolutely hidden mode. It is protected by a password and can be accessed only by using a special keyword or a hotkey combination. Two absent unimportant features which took away some points are self-removal and a warning message configurability. So, the resulting points are 115 out of 125!


In this group, unfortunately, Spyrix Personal Monitor has not received the maximum points as well. - it does not record system log on password and mouse clicks. However, these minor weaknesses do not influence the leading position of the product due to its numerous strengths. This keylogger monitors the keys pressed (both typewriter and system), the applications started, documents printed, clipboard value, system log on/off and idle time, etc. All the features of file-activity monitoring are fully implemented - tested soft can log creating, opening, renaming, copying and deleting the files. A lot of flexibility is offered to the user in screenshots settings : he can determine whether to make on-mouse-click screenshots or not, whether to make screenshots of the whole desktop or just of an active window and also decide on the quality and frequency of their making. In addition, the program can record sounds from the microphone and images from the webcam.

Screenshots Table of User’s Internet Activity
Screenshots Table of User’s Internet Activity

All of the above in total gives Spyrix Personal Monitor 323 points out of 340! Not bad too!

Online Monitoring

One more section to show good results of Spyrix Personal Monitor testing. This product can perfectly monitor various online activities, namely, the URLs that have been opened through any of 5 browsers from our comparison list. Moreover, it features the possibility to make screenshots of the visited web-pages. The same good situation is with interception of chat conversations (both sides) in 4 messengers: Yahoo IM, AIM chats, ICQ and Skype chats. The only feature with zero is client-based emails logging. All in all, the product gets 158 out of 176 in this section which is also very good!


The report features are almost ideally implemented too. Log files can be filtered, processed and sent via FTP, LAN and email, though cannot be copied to a portable device. The automated clearance of log-files and the search by keywords are fully implemented as well as monitoring of specified programs. The product also receives points for meeting the requirement of the maximum log-file's size. One thing you would not obtain reports on is events duration. As for the options of reports configuration, there are lots of them in Spyrix Personal Monitor for user to chose.

Programs Activity Table with Full Details
Event Log: Programs Activity

(screenshot 8 Event Log: Programs Activity/ Programs Activity Table with Full Details )

In points it is 123 out of 150 well done too!


The last section of the review also gives Spyrix Personal Monitor high points. First of all, its interface had been translated from English to 8 languages. Then, the keylogger has such an important features as monitoring scheduler and reaction to a specified keyword. The last means that a client has the possibility to configure the program for monitoring to be started when such a keyword from a specified list appears. The program can block launching of unwanted websites, but not applications. Two other strengths are the real-time remote viewing and the possibility to use other devices with special mobile app for Android or iOS.

In this section we have the following result: 89 out of 108 points.

The Bottom Line

Spyrix Personal Monitor is one of the best monitoring product on the market. It is a reliable multifunctionable software intended equally for parental control and staff monitoring. We are happy to recommend it to users worldwide as it's smart interface is available in nine languages!

Points total: 910 out of 1001

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